Curious about how to incorporate juice into your diet?

What is 100% Juice?

100% juice is just that. Our industry produces high quality 100% juice products from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Did You Know?


Our members are productive, responsible and forward-thinking members of the communities where they source, produce and proudly market their juice products. The Canadian beverage sector employs 60,000 Canadians from agriculture to retail and transportation to production.


One-half cup (125 ml) of juice is equivalent to one serving of fruit or vegetables.


Even when 100% juice is included, 59% of Canadians do not meet the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables.


Consuming 100% Juice is associated with better diet quality, including higher intakes of whole fruit.

Doesn’t 100% juice have a lot of sugar in it?

100% juice does have naturally occurring sugar in it — not added sugar. As an example, in one glass (250ml) of orange juice there is the same naturally occurring sugar as you would find in two medium oranges.

How does 100% juice fit into my diet?

100% juice can be included as a part of a healthy balanced diet:
100% juice is a source of essential nutrients and phytonutrients, particularly in young people.
It is a top contributor to important dietary nutrients, including vitamin C and potassium.
It is the top source of vitamin C and potassium for Children aged 2 to 18.
Studies also show that those who consume 100% juice have better quality diets than people who do not — they also have higher consumption levels of whole fruits.
In children, research has shown that drinking 100% juice is associated with better dental health and a reduced risk of dental caries.

Why is 100% juice so important in Canada?

Availability – Cost – Convenience:
Canadians are well known for their resilience to our sometimes-harsh weather and long winters. But that can make it tough for many Canadians to get their hands on local fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. This is even more troubling when Canadians are already not meeting their recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

For many hardworking families, 100% juice is an affordable option in an attempt to meet suggested daily fruit and vegetable serving amounts. This is why it is important to have an affordable and convenient option in 100% juice!

100% juice in the north:

100% juice plays an important role in the North in supporting healthy diets. The Government of Canada’s Nutrition North program aims to reduce the financial burden of buying groceries in remote communities across the North. 100% juice is one of the products included in this program and for residents of Northern and isolated communities who are working to live healthy and balanced lifestyles, providing improved access to 100% juice options that are available in the rest of Canada is essential. In communities where whole fruit and vegetables are rare and expensive, fruit and vegetable juice is considered a critical and cost-effective way of accessing servings of both.

Where can I find out what is in my juice?

The nutrition labelling found on the outside of 100% juice containers have a great deal of information for consumers, including:

Serving size

Important vitamin and phytonutrient values, including vitamin C and potassium